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Hello Pesty is a pest control company that strives to provide you with the best control services and deals. Hello Pesty is also committed to provides the best move out deals in Brisbane
Someone who performs treatments in your home to get rid of pests such as spiders, moths, silverfish and much more using a range of chemicals and other techniques.
For an average home it is recommended that pest control be done annually. For a commercial/industrial environment it is recommended for OH&S purposes to have pest control carried out at least every 6 months. For restaurants, cafes etc. it is recommended that pest treatments get carried out quarterly
Depending on which service you require prices can start from as low as $79*
The pesticides that are used are generally safe for children and pets. Our technicians will let you know before hand if you need to leave the property. All of the pesticides we use can be used in commercial areas such as kitchens etc and meet all safety standards.
There is usually little to no odor
The requirements for preparation depend on what type of pest control service you are receiving.
You are able to purchase items yourself to do pest control however treatments purchase the shop are not as effective as a professional treatment.