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Our trained professionals will visit your property and inspect the issue, provide treatment and make sure to rid your property of the pests. We are also more than happy to provide information on how to prevent pests from returning in the future.

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Flea Treatment

Fleas are able to stay on bedding or carpets where they can feed on organic debris, fleas are normally brought in by either people living in the household or any pets you may have or outside animals. It can be hard to tell straight away if you have fleas on the property but their presence can be detected if you are receiving any bites. Usually a single visit should be enough to treat fleas, the affected areas are treated with a safe insecticide that does not affect you or the family pet.

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Hello Pesty is fully licensed and insured, we offer free quotes and we are more than happy to come to you to quote for large jobs at no cost. We only use the most effective and well known products to make sure you are getting the best service guaranteed. We make sure that our jobs comply to the relevant Australian Standards. Hello Pesty provides a number of services such as Residential Pest Control, Flea Treatments, Commercial Pest Control

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Bee pest control

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Ant pest control

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Mosquito pest control

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Spider pest control

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Rodent pest control

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Bug pest control

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